Zero Gap is shifting the narrative of equality from a “woman issue” to a human issue by fostering equal ownership and collaboration between both men and women to close the gender gap.

We believe that experiencing spaces of equity is a key step in systemic change needed to move the needle forward. We are actively being the model we want to see in the world by creating 50/50 spaces, men and women together in equal numbers. Through intentional, inclusive, and compelling events, Zero Gap serves as a facilitator for men and women to challenge current imbalances in the workplace and provides resources that empower attendees to close the gap.


“The focus must be on creating conversation, and comfort, not name and shame.”-Ester Perel


This is a unique time in the wake of the #metoo movement and other major stories out of last year. Not only is there a surge in the movement, but there is also a surge in the backlash. Men are afraid. Some men have even expressed a desire to distance themselves from women in the workplace. LeanIn published a report that: Since #metoo almost 30% of male managers are uncomfortable working alone with a woman—more than twice as many as before. Equity can’t advance in an environment of fear. We need collaboration now more than ever. We need men and women to take ownership over solving the problem.

Since #metoo almost 30% of male managers are uncomfortable working alone with a woman–more than twice as many before.
— LeanIn Report