About the Dinners...

Men and women together in equal numbers, at the table. We believe that experiencing spaces of equity is a key step in systemic change needed to move the needle forward. We are actively being the model we want to create in the world.

The conversations were intricate and honest.
— Dinner Participant
It’s an equality conversation not just a feminist conversation.
— Dinner Participant


We bring 12 to 30 leaders together to share great food and organic conversation. These intimate settings are the backdrop for the facilitated and guided conversation we have developed. Everyone expected to participate. 

The best part was hearing perspectives I would never come across in my own friend or work groups.


We provide an opportunity to build strong relationships and genuine camaraderie in a casual safe environment. This collaborative spirit will provide the foundation for building the solutions that we take into the world after these dinners. 

I learned that when given a safe space, people can have honest discussions about gender norms.


Right now our dinners are application only and curated so that we can provide an optimal experience for everyone around the table. Our focus is quality over quantity. We create a diverse collection of people across all industries. We continue to scale these dinners and we believe this is a conversation our whole society needs to have and we invite everyone to take a seat at the table. 

As a man, there are situations women are put in I’d never even consider. My takeaway is to be more mindful of that.

Join our movement.