Power of Parity Awards

The Parity Awards celebrate the individuals, companies, and organizations who are building systemic change through hard work, innovation, and inclusion.



At Zero Gap we observed a distinct imbalance in the news:
an excess of stories highlighting the persistent inequalities in our society and absence of attention.

Change-makers on the front lines advocating and implementing positive action to close the gap were not being heard. And we decided to balance the narrative.

These awards honor people who have shone a spotlight on underrepresented causes and issues, developed radical technology that overcomes institutionalized workplace, and champion change on the ground.

We are proud to recognize and celebrate these individuals and companies who break boundaries and stigmas. Our awards are released on a quarterly and in fall during our annual awards celebration.





Justin Trudeau

“I believe that women and girls can do - and be - anything they want. But I also know that meaningful cultural change can't and won't happen when only half of the population works toward that change. Men need to act, to set examples, and be role models for youth, too.”



HoneyBook | Released a pay gap study for the creative industry - read more here 

Mark Ferrell | Championed getting women statues in San Francisco public spaces - read more here 

Susan Fowler | Time's Person of the Year & former Uber Engineer - read more here 



Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis for the ZeroGap Awards. Awards are announced quarterly and celebrated annually at our Parity Awards Gala. We aim to honor the standouts in this movement, and our vetting process includes a peer review of all applicants from our nomination committee. We will not respond to every submission due to the high volume of nominations received.

To nominate someone for a ZG Parity Award, please follow this nomination form below.



Our 2017 Launch Gala & Power of Parity Awards Celebration

Zero Gap officially launched in November of 2017 with our first annual Power of Parity Awards. 

We celebrated the public launch of Zero Gap and awarded the first of the Power Awards. 


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